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Q: Ev3...


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Q: You stole my heart. Meanie;)

I’m a criminal what can I say!;)

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Q: What's his name? Do you see it being long term?

He’s Mark

I see it being as long as we can, so I don’t see why not

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Q: Wow you sound like you really like this guy

This anon is Sherlock I’m telling you ;)

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what do you call the act of using a dildo? is it dildoing? jacking in? 

disappointing your mother

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Q: So tell me about him? :)

He, in short, is the sweetest guy you could ever know. He is cute as hell. He just makes me feel home

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Q: I bet he is. I'm sure he's just waiting for the right time to ask you out :)

Seems about right
Weird how much you know anon;)

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Q: No you're taken:'( she's so lucky


Terribly sorry anon. What she is, is everything.

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Q: Well he's a very lucky guy. I bet he's crazy about you :)


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Q: You're taken? :(

I’m a lucky girl, what can I day

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Brett Whiteley (Australian, 1939-1992), The Divided Unity, 1974. Screenprint, 66.5 x 93.5 cm. Edition 63/70.